thirsty 4 harry

i’m almost 100% positive that 2010 harry and 2014 harry are two completely different people

saw a gif of sleeping niall and all ic an think about is probably like

in the mornings when he’s really sleepy like on a cold saturday hes all tucked in with the blankets cuz its cold as hell and the tip of his nose is slightly cold and his face is super soft and a lil nippy and wow you just want to kiss him all over

current mood: harry styles wearing two plaid shirts


maybe my own personal thirst for Harry has me deluded, but I honestly do not see how he's not mauled more often by fans.. or hell, even strangers. I think hobos on the street should see Harry walking by and immediately try to jump his bones. I just don't get how he's not sexually assaulted on a regular basis. (Not that I condone it, I just don't think I'd be able to stop myself. And this is why we must never meet.)

toooo tru nonny 

*gets all of one direction’s tattoos tattooed onto my own body to feel closer to them*


hmm harry in neon… i like (not my photo i just found it and rlly liked it)

hmm harry in neon… i like (not my photo i just found it and rlly liked it)

One direction on their tattoo meaning (from a teen vogue article)


"I draw most of my tattoos myself," Zayn says. "Or I work with an artist and draw with them. It’s been cool putting them together."


This ‘Oops’ is because I didn’t like this line here, so I was like, ‘Oops!’

you’re getting ready in the bathroom, in front of the mirror, humming to yourself.  harry waltzes in the room, his goofy self, and stands behind you and wrapping his arms around you playfully. you both stand there for a second, smiling at your reflection.  

"are you almost ready?" he finally says.

 ”yeah, just about” you reply as you unwind his arms and go slip on your boots.

"great! we’re gonna have such a fun night" he calls from the bathroom

harry hasn’t said what the plan will be and you’re more than curious, considering it’s your birthday and all.  but he’s never been one to plan a flop of an evening, and it’s comforting to just be around him.  he comes out the bathroom, hair freshly done, and throws a flannel over his bare chest.  he checks his watch, gives you a smirk, and says “alright, lets go!” he pauses “…but before we gooo” he rushes over and blindfolds you, everything going dark.

"wha- harry!" you protest. but before you can get out a proper sentence, he scoops you up and carries you to the car.

the ride was interesting, to say the least.  he chatted on about nothing, really, completely ignoring the fact that you couldnt see. but you could hear the excitement in his voice, and you could hear the smile on his face.

"alright, we’re here!" he said, car stopping. "but wait- dont take your blindfold off. not yet." 

you hear muffled bass and people’s voices.  did he plan an entire party? where were we? now you couldnt get the smile off of your face either.

he opened your door, helped you out the car and guided you around; his arms placed squarely on your shoulders. he’s never failed to give you butterflies.

suddenly he leans in close, mouth brushing against the spot right below your ear “surprise” he whispers in his low voice, his breath minty and cool.

you hear whispers and a laugh…oh boy. you know that laugh anywhere. harry lifts the blindfold off and suddenly…

"haaaaaay!!!" louis shouts with a fistbump.

"ahahahahahaha happy birthday!!!!!" niall says as he embraces you in a bear hug.

"happy birthday babe. glad we could help celebrate" liam kisses your cheek.

"harry worked real hard on this, planning it. but dont let him take all the credit, love!" zayn grins.

you look around, the five of them all there smiling at you, all there to be with you on your special day.  finally taking in your surroundings it becomes clear-drinks of all sorts, niall obviously already had a few by the looks of his rosy cheeks and continuous giggling, music blasting, a dance floor full of friends.  harry had planned a party all for you, and he made sure to keep it a surprise.

"awww come here you guys!!!! i love you all!!" you say as they come together, holding you in one big tight embrace.

"we love you too, love! now come on boys, lets give her a moment with harry and then the real party can get started" louis replies.

they walk off, a bounce in their step, patting niall on the back as he runs to the dance floor laughing.

harry’s just looking at you, the lights reflecting off of his face. a slight smile spreads across his lips as he reaches for your hands and brings you close. “Well? what do you think?”

you wrap your arms tightly around him and look up. “thank you.”

"anything for you. happy birthday. i love you so much" and with that your birthday with harry and the boys was off to a perfect start.

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